Christy’s Corner

Frequently I am asked by patients “What do I do with leftover medication?”. My response to
them is….. It depends on the TYPE of medication!

* First and foremost, you should NEVER have leftover antibiotics…. You should take them as
prescribed for the length of time prescribed (EVERY TIME). Poor adherence to medication
instructions can cause resistant bacteria and SUPERBUGS if you only take them part of the time
they are prescribed, but that is a conversation for another corner.

* Second, ANY type of medication that you have stopped, had a dosage change, or conversion of
another medication under the care of a doctor, should be disposed of properly. I DO NOT
recommend flushing them down the toilet, due to the potential for contamination to the public
water supply from this action.

* ANY controlled substance, narcotic, ADHD medication, or diet medication should be disposed of and NOT kept around the house. Studies show that many teenagers begin recreational use of drugs from medications found in their own homes.

“A 2016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 6.2 million Americans misused
controlled prescription drugs.”

So, WHERE do we get rid of these medications???
* NATIONAL TAKE BACK DAY is October 27th !!!!
* This is a safe, responsible way to dispose of unused, expired prescription medications and drugs
*  provides a list of areas near you that will accept your old, unused, and expired medications.
* The DEA Take-Back Day provides an opportunity for Americans to prevent drug misuse,
addiction, and overdose, as well as deaths.
I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity!!!!


According to KCBD health wise…..
Texas Tech Health Sciences Center is again sponsoring a Medication Clean out this Saturday from 10 to 2 o’clock. It’s the perfect time to clean out your old, unused or outdated medicines and let those who are trained dispose of them properly.

 Christy Lee FNP